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Synergy Sports Academy is a fully involved player development center with indoor and outdoor training areas.  We specialize in baseball and softball.

Synergy Fall League in Review

Synergy Fall League

What a season!  This year we hosted the Inaugural Synergy Fall League and it was a blast!  I first want to thank Albany League Baseball for allowing us to utilize the field, the parents for allowing us to work with the players, our staff for keeping the game fun and educational and all of the players for playing hard and being willing to learn all season long.  I also want to thank Coach Barnard for having the field ready every day and keeping a safe environment for all the kids to play on every week.

I personally feel this fall season set a trend for many years to come with fall baseball in the local area.  I believe fun was truly blended with learning new aspects of the game for every player.  This was not only for the players involved, but two young coaches, Garret Suiter and Jonathan Logsdon, who made a huge impact on over 40 players.  I genuinely hope that all of the players will go watch these two young men finish their high school careers at Lee County High School and follow them as they continue into the college ranks.  We are super proud of these two guys!

I can honestly say, that this was an experiment from the word go.  We used a pitching machine and that was a little out of the norm, but we did this to promote a healthy environment for kids to continue to play the game and learn without adding any stress in terms of pitch count to their weekly regiment.  We were able to make it through the fall not only with zero arm issues, but were actually were able to have two players continue hitting, running the bases and play defense with a no throw policy to allow those players to nurse previous arm conditions back to health.  I would say that is a win on MANY levels!  This was only possible because all of the players and parents were more concerned about the game of baseball than chasing some hardware or some title.

We were able to finish the season with a Halloween Costume Game and parents cooking out!  I think that tells the whole story.  You can see a few pictures above and view our social media for all of the picture albums!

I personally want to thank everyone for a hugely successful Synergy Fall League!

Hayes Cook
Synergy Sports Academy

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