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Synergy Sports Academy is a fully involved player development center with indoor and outdoor training areas.  We specialize in baseball and softball.


We now offer combination memberships with Synergy and Athletic Republic.  Memberships are sold on an annual, six month or three month agreement, with payment due at signup.  Some membership do have a month to month option.  You may pay the entire amount in advance or in monthly installments billed to a credit card.  Members may come in and use the facility at any time during the regular hours of operation*, with the exception of hours when the facility is rented, and do not pay for each visit.   Memberships represent a significant savings over paying the hourly walk-in fee for frequent users.

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***Monthly payments will be charged to a credit card held on file.  We do not accept checks for memberships unless the membership is paid in full. 

NEW for 2017 - RENEWALS

After you have completed your membership you will have the option to renew you membership.  If you renew your membership, you will receive a $50 voucher that can be applied to either your membership fee, lesson or current class.   The renewal voucher is only applicable to those that have completed a 6 or 12 month membership and will be renewing for the same term.  ***This renewal voucher excludes any memberships with preferred benefits like team memberships.


Members will have access to:

Four 35’ Batting Cages

These cages are ideal for tee work and short overhand toss.  Most players benefit from working short front toss in these cages as well. 

One 70’ Batting Cage

This cage is ideal for batting machine work and longer overhand work.  This is a great cage to improve long tees as well.  The 70’ cage can also double as pitching lanes.

ThreePitching Lanes

Three pitching lanes will be available at all time and this is where catching instruction will take place.

Professional Evaluation

Each member will receive a FREE professional style evaluation once a month in the desired subject of choice.  This may include video feedback, written evaluation and/or verbal evaluation procedures.  This will be documented and filed to keep an accurate history of a members progress as he/she continues to improve on the skill sets to make them successful. 

Please note that all cage time is shared time and exclusive use of a given cage is granted only via private / semi-private instruction or cage rental.


Club Teams have different requirements for memberships.  The only membership options available for Club Teams are ANNUAL memberships to Synergy or an ANNUAL combination membership to Synergy and Athletic Republic.

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