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Synergy Sports Academy is a fully involved player development center with indoor and outdoor training areas.  We specialize in baseball and softball.

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This GTS series will be focused on drill and skill work.  There is no off season for those that want to be ready for the first pitch of the spring season. We will have various college players and coaches instructing these players for four weeks.  GTS keeps coach/player ratios small where players are truly learning and developing. GTS will start the week of November 13th and ending the week ending on December 9th.

TUESDAYS - Hitting
(19 SPOTS)
6:30PM - 8:00PM

SATURDAYS - Pitching and Catching
(20 SPOTS)
10:00AM - 11:3OPM


Member - $112.00
Non Member - $140.00

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Perfect Game has chosen Team Elite Southern Division as a host site here at Synergy Sports Academy.  This event will take place on Sunday, November 19th at 1pm. Registration starts at noon!

At the 2017 Georgia North & South PG Series Challenge, we will set out to test players in all ages with its ultimate goal of improving every athlete at every skill level. The Challenge will prove to be a valuable tool for players to test their abilities and improve upon weaknesses.

By using the Witty and O pto jump systems along with other equipment, we are able to identify important aspects of each athlete's speed, agility, power and reaction. The tests performed at the Challenge will go into making each player's PGAME Score. 

The Perfect Game Athletic Metric Evaluation (PGAME) is our proprietary scoring metric used to determine overall and sport specific athletic ability. All of the objective tests can be compared to other participants and used to help improve a person's athletic weaknesses.

Witty Timing - 

30 Yard Dash 5/10/5 Pro Agility Witty Reaction

Witty Sem(Cognitive Reaction)- 

4 Corner Complex Reaction Drill Side to Side Whole Body Reaction

Opto Jump - 

PG 3 Jump test for Power
PG Single Leg Jumps for Power PG Visual Reaction
PG Fast Feet test for Speed

Other Tests -    

Grip Strength (Left & Right)
Broad Jump
Projectable Throwing Velocities Diamond Kinetics (Hitting Metrics) 

Jaeger Band Long Toss Program.png

Jaeger Band Long Toss Program

Synergy is hosting an 8 week training course with 6 training sessions including 2 testing periods. The program will include:

Weighted balls
Jaeger bands
Proper throwing and post throw recovery
Proper Training

The goal is to learn ,train, and develop the arm to its fullest potential while preventing injury. The cost of the program is $280.00 for members, and $320.00 for non-members. The class will run every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00  pm. NEW CLASS STARTS NOVEMBER 8th!

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