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Synergy Sports Academy is a fully involved player development center with indoor and outdoor training areas.  We specialize in baseball and softball.

As an organization, our goal is to provide an environment where young athletes can challenge themselves to better on the field and off the field.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare young ladies to have the skill sets and knowledge to compete for their varsity teams and college opportunities.  This starts by preparing them at an early age.  Please see below for the age groups and more about our programs:

10U - At this level the emphasis is on fundamentals.  Players will learn the fundamentals to throwing (properly), infield, outfield, team defense and hitting. 

12U - Once players have a firm foundation of fundamentals, the next step is implementing the knowledge of the game.  This is where all of the little things come together.  Our coaches spend countless hours detailing the small parts of the game to set players apart from the opponent.

14U - This is the age where players begin to separate themselves athletically and skillfully speaking.  Our goals is to have teams/players that understand what it takes to succeed at the varsity and collegiate levels of competition.

High School - Our focus is put players in position to get reps and showcase their talents.  The goal is a college scholarship or opportunity at the this level.

If you have any interest in our program please CLICK HERE for our player prospect form.  We hope that you will see the value in an organization for the development of your athlete.


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